Y Soft Supports Google’s decision to use the CUPS Standard in Chrome OS

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Google Chrome OS will move from Google Cloud Print to native printing using CUPS  

A lot of noise has been made about Google’s announced end of life for Google Cloud Print, its cloud-based printing solution. They recommend systems using Chrome OS to use native printing (CUPS), which leverages, among others, the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) as the basis for managing print jobs and queues.

Y Soft has always invested in open standards and fully supports this decision

Y Soft believes that using printing standards, such as IPP(s), eases compatibility for users across different types of devices and improves the user experience. It also improves the total cost of ownership for customers using Chrome OS-enabled devices.

YSoft SAFEQ supports native printing on Chrome OS via IPP/IPPS

Current YSoft SAFEQ customers only need to configure the YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Integration Gateway to receive IPPS print jobs and change the Google Admin policy to include user account and file name in the IPP header of print jobs submitted over a secure IPPS connection. The Mobile Integration Gateway is a standard feature of YSoft SAFEQ that, besides handling the IPP print stream from ChromeOS, enables Airprint and Mopria functionality to accommodate printing from all major software platforms. Mobile Integration Gateway can be easily deployed in SMB and Enterprise environments and takes advantage of our patented Platform for Growth SafeQ architecture.

Many YSoft SAFEQ customers use a SafeQ extension (customization) to enable Google Cloud Print within YSoft SAFEQ. Y Soft will continue to support the extension up until such time that Google no longer supports Google Cloud Print.

Wouter Koelewijn
Wouter Koelewijn
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YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

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