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Y Soft Update During COVID-19

Y Soft Corporation

We want to provide information on how Y Soft is continuing business, supporting customers and partners during this time and guidance on how you can reach us. 

Employee safety is of utmost importance. Many YSofters, with some exceptions, are now working from home (WFH). We have ensured that YSofters have the tools and connectivity they need to work from home.  

Below are areas of the company that you may often interact with and how these areas will be supporting you. 

Due to the limitations on gatherings and travel, YSofters will not be doing any domestic or international travel for the time being. Instead, customer and partner calls will be conducted online. Our online meeting and conference call systems have been strengthened to accommodate this extra load. Our Regional Sales managers are instructed to assist our partners with customer conference calls by using our conference call system if partners need this assistance.

A list of Regional Sales Managers and all sales staff is readily available on Partner Portal, a 24/7 business resource Y Soft makes available to partners and customers who have direct support. 

Support (Y Soft CSS) 
Y Soft supports customers through our partner network, this is referred to as Indirect Support. Continual indirect support is available as normal as outlined in current SLAs. Calls into our Support Desk phone lines continue as normal and Y Soft has rerouted to WFH support staff. Remote support is also still available. In short, access to CSS is unchanged. 

Direct Support – By request, we have some customers who we support directly, known as Direct Support. This week customers with direct support will be able to access Partner Portal. Regional Sales Managers will be able to assign access to the required parts of Partner Portal that they need. Our partners can see the support activity with customers receiving Y Soft direct support. 

Digital training, online certifications and webinars for partners will proceed as normal. Onsite trainings have been postponed and can be revisited for online training instead. 

Ordering / Shipping / RMAs 
Ordering – Order processing remain unaffected. 

Shipping – We are able to ship all hardware orders currently in progress. Additionally, all warehouses are adequately stocked with inventory. By coordinating in-office scheduling to avoid large groups, YSofters will be coming into our warehouse locations to prepare shipments. We have four warehouses (Brno, Czech Republic; Dallas, TX; Singapore and China). While these warehouses normally serve their surrounding regions, we can ship anywhere as needed. We are working with our shipping providers and will update you if they are impacted by government restrictions to complete shipments to their final destinations.  

RMAs -- RMA requests should be processed online as normal. However, we do realize that shipping product back to Y Soft may be difficult for partners and customers. Please place the RMA request online and, if it is not possible to ship immediately, an accommodation can be made for shipments to be made later. Additionally, during this unusual time, Y Soft can ship replacement hardware to a more convenient address. For example, we can accommodate shipping to a Partner’s branch office or to a partner sales’ home office. 

Y Soft continues to keep a close watch on the outbreak and its impact. We will continue to provide updates with any changes to the above information and guidance. 

We wish you and your families good health. Please adhere to your local authorities' advice on how to navigate through this crisis.

Thank you for your continued business and support. 

Vaclav Muchna
Head YSofter and global traveler visiting customers, partners and employees around the world. When in Brno, he often oversees company BBQs in the summer and is known for destroying his skis during the winter.
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