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Contactless Printing with the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader

Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Product Marketing Director
With the desire to minimize physical contamination, we have turned to mobile apps to help deliver contactless printing experiences during the pandemic and beyond. Meet the latest member of the YSoft USB Reader product family, the MFX Mobile Reader, which brings convenient, secure, and contactless printing.

Touchless technology

The Covid-19 global pandemic has had an irreversible impact on our behavior, and a renewed focus on health and safety. The world is aware of the invisible risks associated with physical touch points, and the fact that viruses can live on surfaces for up to 2 to 3 days. To keep employees safe, employers are anxious to reduce physical contact, however business operations and efficiency must continue.
We have seen accelerated demand and growth for touchless technology, from store self-service to QR code check-ins. Such touchless interfaces are now a common occurrence in this touch-averse world. This trend does not look to be going away, with a recent Capgemini Consumer Survey showing that 77% of those surveyed expect to increase the use of touchless interactions. But where does this leave the MFD? With communal interactive control panels and touch screens, how can your printers become safer and contactless?

Protected printing

At the heart of YSoft SAFEQ is securing access to your printers and managing who can use them. Ensuring a print job only prints when an employee authenticates is a key component which enforces secure access, assigns user rights and workflows, provides usage analysis, regulatory compliance and so much more.
With user safety in mind, we developed a totally contactless way to authenticate at MFDs, the MFX Mobile Reader. Employees have unprecedented access to mobile phones in the workplace, so it makes sense that the USB readers should be able to read a user’s credentials from the smartphone.

How it works

The MFX Mobile Reader uses the YSoft Mobile Connect™ smartphone app (free on iOS and Android) and reads the user’s YSoft Connect ID credentials which are previously entered and then encrypted. It’s important to note that with the app and the phone’s inherent PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition, two-factor authentication is in place and the user’s personal data remain on their phone.
For a truly contactless printing experience, YSoft SAFEQ administrators can set the printer to release all print jobs for the user when the user authenticates. This eliminates using the MFD’s interface at all. Just pick up your prints and go.
In addition to mobile, contactless authentication, the MFX Mobile Reader still reads traditional ID badges with a single swipe of the card. And, like it’s MFX Card Reader cousin, the MFX Mobile Reader also supports hundreds of card technologies. The new Reader can be used on a multifunction device (MFD), networked printers or a Y Soft 3D printer.  

Keeping you safe

We are committed to helping businesses work smarter (and now safer); the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader is one of our newest examples.
Learn more and contact us today to find out how MFX Mobile Reader can keep your employees safe.
Jan Sudik
Jan leads Y Soft’s hardware product strategy & execution. This includes supporting YSoft SAFEQ, YSoft OMNI Series and the expansion of our card reader business. He also drives the company’s YSoft BE3D 3D printing solution. In addition to his professional life, Jan enjoys his large family that includes 4 kids, and cats while occasionally cycling and doing other kinds of sport. As a guy, he does like technology, cars, fast cars, and racing.
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