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Anthony Vigliotti
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Quocirca Cloud Services 2021 report available
COVID-19 has sped up digital transformation by years for many businesses. Companies with multi-year roadmaps have had to compress them into days and weeks, or overhaul them entirely, to adapt to a hybrid workforce. This includes plans to move print services to the cloud.

To meet this challenge, Y Soft is bringing multiple options to enable small, medium and large companies to realize lower IT costs and increased security over their printing needs. This includes simplified cloud printing, robust cloud-based print management and making legacy processes like faxing, a digital experience.
In Quocirca’s latest report, the state of cloud solutions for print and print management is presented. Y Soft is making an excerpt of this report available free of charge. We are excited to point out cloud solutions available today and what is coming soon.

Quocirca Cloud Print Services Market Landscape 2021YSoft OMNI Series
For organizations that want a simplified cloud printing service, YSoft OMNI Series provides a cost-effective solution for your existing printers. OMNI Series, along with Universal Print by Microsoft, eliminates the need for on-premises print servers and printer driver management, long-standing burdens on IT resources, making it an ideal solution for small and mid-size businesses. Its zero-infrastructure approach ensures zero-trust network security, and zero IT know-how is required; cloud printing is available to users in seconds.

YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax
It’s not often that we can revolutionize an existing inefficient process. But we have with SAFEQ Digital Fax. It is a cloud service embedded into a multifunction printer designed to support simple fax workflows for small to medium-sized businesses.

With SAFEQ Digital Fax, customers can eliminate analog lines, VoIP telephony, or embedded fax kits. This significantly reducing faxing costs, increases fax uptime and improves document security. Users get an improved digital user experience with fewer steps. We knew that SAFEQ Digital Fax would be attractive to SMB but are very happy to see the uptake with our larger businesses as well.

It is available as an optional extension for either YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite or YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite.

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
What’s next? We are taking 20 years of our print management and document capture experience, breaking it down, and rebuilding it with cloud-native technologies, architecture, and techniques instead of simply lifting and shifting our on-premises solution to the cloud. This will allow our YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family to focus on leverage cloud technologies for a much more secure and flexible solution than what is currently available.

And true to our heritage, we are making sure that our cloud print management service is comprehensive. This means what differentiates us in the on-premise world will continue to differentiate us in the cloud. To Y Soft, comprehensive means more than just a set of features. It is that, for sure. But it also means companion hardware such as card or mobile authentication systems, around the world support and direct support if desired. We will enter the market with a set of services that have business customers covered completely. Our one-stop-shop solutions are appreciated by the Fortune 500 and we aim to bring our customer-first approach to all that we do in the cloud too for businesses of all sizes.
I encourage you to download our free edition of the Y Soft sponsored Quocirca’s Cloud Print Services 2021 report. If you have any questions about the report, drop us a note in the comments.
Anthony Vigliotti
Anthony Vigliotti
I started at Y Soft in December 2020 and am based in the North East United States. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit our head office in Brno, Czechia yet. Shoot, I haven’t even been to our Dallas office! Y Soft, like the rest of the world, has been working remotely for over a year. We understand the need to support work from home staff, and all our products and services enable companies large and small to jump-start their digital transformation journey.
In my global position, I’m responsible for strategic direction and management of Y Soft’s product and service portfolio. A great fit as it allows me to leverage 20+ years of direct product marketing, alliance & partner management and product development experience within the print management and document workflow segments. In my spare time, I turn my attention outdoors as an avid road cyclist, and lately mountain biking (on the trail give me a wide birth, as my skill level is ‘clumsy’.)  My indoor hobbies include cultivating a saltwater aquarium and a mid-life attempt at learning to play guitar. 
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