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Elke Heiss
Chief Marketing Officer
Newest BE3D Academy lessons, inspired by children’s contest entries, are now available to children around the world.
Each quarter, BE3D Academy offers five new premium 3D lesson plans. Each lesson plan is carefully planned and tested by Y Soft and teachers. This quarter, we did something a little different – we invited YSofter children to use their imagination and come up with what they would want to 3D print. After all, BE3D Academy is for middle school and vocational schools, so why not ask the experts: kids!

Normally, Y Soft and our partner teachers brainstorm to develop the next set of five 3D lesson topics – two that are complex and three that are appropriate for younger students. Every topic is talked through in detail to decide if it can be turned into a lesson plan with enough depth to convey one of the STEAM subjects.

Once topics are selected, the team works on creating the materials to support the lesson and the 3D models that are included as samples and alternative designs. Videos, photography and a lot of proofreading and translations come together to make up a rich set of materials that becomes a BE3D Academy 3D lesson.

YSofter kids entered a contest with their ideas. We received more than we expected and it was difficult to choose just five! Each entry went through the same criteria to ensure our quality standards were maintained. Finally, we were able to select five winning lesson ideas and the work began to turn them into 3D lessons.

After discussing which ones were best suited for STEAM subjects, here are the five we chose. These five are now available in BE3D Academy as Premium Lessons!

  • Phases of the Moon, Eliška, 6 years old
    This lesson explores the different phases of the moon and its effects on the tides.

  • Heart Break, Ema, 6 years old
    Ema is perhaps a future doctor. With this model, children learn about the ventricles, valves, and other elements of the human heart.

  • Star Shades, Lukáš, 11 years old
    The night sky was Lukáš’ inspiration. Students can pick the constellation of their choice and create a lamp to project on their ceiling or walls.

  • Tower Crane, Daniel, 4 years old (4 years old!!)
    Any moving mechanical toy or system is fascinating – and educational too. This lesson involves the concepts of counterweights, balances and rotation.

  • Flooding Fallout, Lukáš, 11 years
    This second entry by Lukáš came about after playing in tide pools and looking for animal life. Students will choose a topographical landscape area of their choosing and simulate extreme rainfall to observe the impact of flooding.


We are reminded once again of the amazing imaginations children have and are thrilled that these inspired ideas will be used by children around the world.

BE3D Academy is our online library of 3D lesson plans. It helps teachers add 3D printing into their curriculum. It’s not only a time saver, it also provides educators a unique and immersive learning tool – great for remote teaching or in an in-class setting or makerspace area. BE3D eDee, our 3D printing solution for Education includes access to Academy’s premium content. Other lessons are available to anyone with free registration to BE3D Academy.

Learn more about what BE3D eDee offers and our special Education Bundles.

Elke Heiss
Elke Heiss
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