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YSoft Store debuts with OMNI Series

Product Marketing Director
With our announcement of YSoft OMNI Series now available for sale, it marks a new chapter in
Y Soft’s history – the grand opening of the YSoft Store.
With OMNI Series, businesses - those who want to experience seamless and painless cloud printing on the printers they have today - can purchase OMNI Series directly from us. The YSoft Store is our eShop.

Why is this a new chapter in our history? Until now, Y Soft has provided global, Fortune 500 companies, other large companies, and frankly companies of any size, centralized print management and document capture solutions solely through our network of certified partners.

However, small and mid-size companies may not need a full robust print management system, but they do want to move printing to the cloud. Securely and without any IT know how. So, when Microsoft announced that its new Microsoft 365 feature, Universal Print, would enable cloud printing without expensive print servers and without managing print drivers, well this was good news for businesses!

But (and there is always a but, right?) today’s printers are not Universal Print compatible. Short of buying new printers (in this economy?), paying for a firmware update (ouch), or using a software connector (which still requires a Windows machine, so what’s the point?)  businesses can’t really use Universal Print.

That’s where OMNI Series comes in. Your printers still have a lot of value left in them. They are IPP compatible and can output PDF files just fine. For a fraction of the cost of a new printer, a business can purchase OMNI Series and connect to their M365 cloud subscription instantly. And no complicated IT know-how is needed to do it either. Seriously, your mom can set it up! It makes sense then to sell this directly to businesses, so we opened our own eShop, the YSoft Store.

To celebrate the YSoft Store and OMNI Series’ availability, I’ve put together an introductory offer – 50% off! This means that a business could be cloud printing on one printer in no time for as little as $137.59 (excluding tax and shipping). Buying multi-pack bundles for additional printers and the cost is even better. The details are over at the YSoft Store.

Instantly connecting to cloud printing with Universal Print in M365 is just the beginning for OMNI Series. We have a lot of different OMNI Apps planned to help your business in many ways, so an investment in OMNI Series with the OMNI UP365 App for connecting to Universal Print is just the beginning.

Here’s to easy, affordable cloud printing with OMNI Series and Universal Print in Microsoft 365!

Head over to our YSoft Store to claim your 50% discount while it lasts.
Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow comes to Y Soft with 25 years Hi-Tech industry experience serving in a variety of roles from software engineering to business related functions including management and marketing. Prior to joining Y Soft’s Marketing team, he served as a Y Soft Solution Consultant designing Print Management architectures for the largest global brands.
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