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YSoft Store expands to EU

YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
OMNI Series now available to EU businesses
It’s another milestone day at Y Soft. Today we expanded the availability of YSoft OMNI Series to the European Union (EU) member nations. That means OMNI Series is available in the US and 27 EU countries!

OMNI Series is for any business who wants simplified cloud printing using their Microsoft 365 subscription and existing printers. Purchasing OMNI Series is easy and can be done in our eShop, the YSoft Store.
I’m also pleased to say that we are continuing the 50% cloud discount for EU customers too. This means you can receive 50% off the first two of any OMNI Series product. Cloud printing has never been easier or more affordable.

Businesses can eliminate on-premises print servers and the need for IT to manage print services. It’s all done for you in the cloud. Securely. Easily. Painlessly.
By leveraging the Universal Print feature in Microsoft 365, businesses are assured of zero-trust network security. For businesses that rely on printing as a critical process can use OMNI Series with high availability mitigating any delay in printing due to other print jobs in the queue. Additionally, OMNI Series supports the print from anywhere concept. Whether you have staff continuing to work from home, coming into the office or a mix of both, OMNI Series ensures that they can print safely and easily without changing how they print.
If you have any questions about how OMNI Series works, we are happy to connect with you. Let us know and we’ll be in touch.
Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow comes to Y Soft with 25 years Hi-Tech industry experience serving in a variety of roles from software engineering to business related functions including management and marketing. Prior to joining Y Soft’s Marketing team, he served as a Y Soft Solution Consultant designing Print Management architectures for the largest global brands.
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