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Introducing the king of authentication: YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader

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Whether your workforce or users are local, global, working from home, or hybrid, maintaining security has to be your number-one priority. You don’t want just anyone gaining access to your data, buildings, machines, devices, or confidential information. Card and mobile readers are a great way to control and monitor who has access and uses what. When you can adopt a technology that can also support you as you transition to mobile authentication, you know you have all your security bases covered. With various card types, pin pads, wireless devices, and technology, there’s a lot to choose from. So how do you choose? Maybe you don’t have to…

The new kid on the block: YSoft MFX Ultimate Card Reader

We have a great selection of card and mobile readers that cater to specific needs, but what if you could have one machine that does it all? 

(Drum roll please) 🥁🥁 🥁 

Welcome to the YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader. That’s right, you can now have full Legic, full HID, and Mobile Connect all in one Ultimate reader. 

As with all of our RFID readers, the YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader is extensively tested by our YSoft robots using online monitoring and x-ray measurements. Because we own the entire product life cycle in-house, you can trust that it works. We may be biased, but did you know that only YSoft readers come with a robot-stress-tested product-lifetime warranty? This helps to ensure 100% authentication uptime. It’s reliable, flexible, and future-proof.

Pick a card, any card 

Supporting over 100 different technologies, users simply verify their identity using ANY smart mobile device and ANY card type. That’s it! 

Building on our RFID and contact reader range, the MFX Ultimate solution consists of three components:

1) Hardware: YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader 
2) Mobile app: YSoft Mobile Connect 
3) User credentials: YSoft Connect ID

Working together, these elements are a complete end-to-end solution. With card auto-detection and a custom configuration tool, set up is fast and easy.  

The MFX Ultimate Reader is a small device with RGB LED indicator with multi-length, detachable cables. We even have mounting kits available, and it’s also customizable. 

This small but mighty device protects and monitors secure print and scan management, machine access, manufacturing process tracking, secure 3D print management, time tracking, attendance, access systems, fleet management, driver access, electric vehicle charging stations, vending machines, building access, and more. The MFX Ultimate Reader solves universal authentication needs in one easy, reliable, and future-proof solution. 

The Ultimate benefits 

We don’t like to brag, but this is the king of card readers. Number One. One card reader to rule them all. Covering all connection types, the MFX Ultimate Reader makes life easier and smarter for everyone. Aligning with existing authentication methods, it also supports a mobile-first approach. Opening up numerous possibilities, the MFX Ultimate Reader supports secure access to an increasingly hybrid workforce. There are, of course, many benefits to tell you about, so we’re going to whizz through some of the main ones.

  • Minimum effort and maximum results – plug and play solution that’s easy to use 
  • Highest reliability – fewer issues, less hassle, and reduced burden on IT teams 
  • One solution – less complicated, less stock needed, easier to manage 
  • Enhanced security – utilizes native mobile (two-Factor) authentication 
  • Increase productivity and efficiency – helping you work smarter 
  • Future proof – supports growth and scalability 
  • Mobile and flexible – place it where you need it 
  • Contactless and sanitary solution – touchless identification

Oh, and don’t forget about the product-lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. But don’t just take our word for it:

“Y Soft’s MFX Ultimate reader and great support allow us to provide a solution to any customer with minimum effort.” Pavel Malysz — Owner, MP Elektronik

It’s time to make the Ultimate choice

This reliable, secure, and future-proof device is making waves. Offering powerful universal user authentication in a single plug-and-play device, where, when, and how you need it, this really is the Ultimate reader.

So that’s our latest news. It’s exciting, and if you’d like to find out more about how you can get your hands on the MFX Ultimate Card Reader, contact us at

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