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It’s Good to Have Your Head in the Cloud

As the pandemic has seen many companies trying to find the shortest path to digital transformation, it has often been the Cloud that has enabled them to do so conveniently and securely. Although the thought of uniting your hybrid workforce under one safe print environment umbrella while still maintaining all the bells and whistles of an on-premises solution might have seemed like a pipe dream pre-COVID, here at Y Soft, we are not only enabling companies to achieve this, but also adding an extra level of security to the mix. By taking a containerized and zero-trust approach to how we treat’ data in the Cloud, the hybrid workforce can uphold the security values of their employers by mitigating the risks of the previously difficult-to-regulate home office working environment.

The Quocirca 2022 Cloud Print Services Report

Quocirca has just published its state of the nation overview of the Cloud Print Services landscape, and we are making an extract available to you free of charge. In it, the report highlights the benefits that Y Soft already has available to end users, as well as a glimpse into the immediate future of the feature-rich Cloud solutions launching imminently.

You Too Can Have the Edge

When it comes to delivering scalable and secure solutions that support distributed print environments, we help ensure cost-effective Cloud printing is available to all. However diverse the requirements, our aim is to help users reduce their IT burden while still achieving high availability.

We give companies the Edge, quite literally. By taking a customer-first approach, our flexible and scalable architecture allows the system to work according to your needs, offering a robust suite of Cloud connectivity options. Using Y Soft’s hybrid approach of the Cloud and our proprietary Edge device, OMNI Bridge, job processing can be carried out either in the Cloud or on our local Edge device. And because one or more of these technologies can be mixed and matched in the same environment, according to your specific requirements, there really are no limits. Using OMNI Bridge (or its software-only equivalent, Virtual Appliance), non-Cloud-native MFDs are now able to integrate with our Cloud solutions. This helps those discerning customers to be able to process documents locally due to their security needs and achieve business continuity with emergency printing should the Internet connection suddenly drop. When you demand cutting-edge Cloud printing done correctly, only YSoft Cloud provides you with robust-enough Cloud configuration options to enable you to achieve it.

Something for Everyone 

Our technological know-how has already gone far beyond the proof-of-concept stage as a white-labelled product already functioning as a commercialized offering. This year, under the YSoft SAFEQ Cloud banner, we will be releasing several other scalable Cloud print management and document capture solutions.

The YSoft Cloud offering will come in two flavors: Breeze, offering simplicity with a shared infrastructure, and Breeze Pro, providing a highly tunable and configurable solution to meet any business needs with its reserved infrastructure. They offer all core print management features, such as Print Roaming, Authentication and Rules-Based Printing, etc. To offer even greater security, the shared environment uses best-in-class container techniques to make security and cost-effectiveness available to all.

And for companies looking for the complete on-premises feature set, SAFEQ Managed delivers all of this in a hosted Cloud environment.

Trust No one! 

We have helped lay the fears of the Cloud being an unsecure environment to rest by making sure all our devices, services and solutions operate in a zero-trust environment. This ensures that data, in motion, at rest, and at use, remains secure and encrypted. When combined with our MFX Ultimate reader, where a building access card or smartphone can be used to authenticate at any supported MFP or printer, this provides secure remote printing in any location or home office by extending customers’ capabilities.

We Just Want the Facts

When you need to report, you need to report!  Whether you are looking to audit your print, copy or scan usage, any metadata captured by YSoft SAFEQ Cloud can be displayed in fully customizable user reports. It also supports dynamic reporting  and helps sustainability-aware companies support their initiatives through Green Reports, including things such as water, timber and CO2 emissions. 
It might be seen as a cliché these days to say that every Cloud has a silver lining, but we believe our own Cloud strategy aligns with the report to bring even greater value. Download our free edition of the Y Soft sponsored Quocirca’s Cloud Print Services 2022 report today.

If you have any questions about the report, drop us a note in the comments.
Anthony Vigliotti
Anthony leads the Product Marketing team at Y Soft, a position he has held since December 2020. Anthony has 20+ years of experience in print management and the document imaging solution segment with prior roles at Kofax, Nuance, Notable Solutions (NSi), and Xerox. Anthony brings a well-rounded set of experiences with solution-related roles in Product Management, Alliance and Partner Management, and Product Development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master's degree in Information Technology, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Anthony enjoys the outdoors with a good bike ride or hike, learning to play guitar, or wrenching on cars.
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