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What’s new in the BE3D Academy?

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Working with Masaryk University, we have developed a series of resources to take your 3D printing lessons to the next level. Here, we tell you about our latest lesson plan release.

Masaryk University joins forces with YSoft BE3D Academy

Having spoken to educators around the world, we realized that having 3D printing technology is great, but it can be hard work to come up with lesson plans to make the most of it. With this in mind, we set up the YSoft BE3D Academy to support all students and teachers using 3D Printing in education. This free-to-use resource features teacher-tested 3D lesson plans, bringing STEAM subject matter to life and making teachers’ lives a little easier. The downloadable packs include detailed lesson plans, example 3D relief models, worksheets, walkthrough guides, class presentations, 3D print instructions, and curriculum alignment. 

Based on their research, Masaryk University has recognized that 3D printing is instrumental in student education. Their findings reported: 

“Students enjoy 3D printing. It increases the attractiveness of the lesson content. Test results were significantly better for students after involving 3D printers in the class.” – MU Paper

With a keen interest in developing their use of 3D printing, Masaryk University and Y Soft have embarked on a multi-year collaboration, which includes the creation of many 3D lessons to be exclusively offered through BE3D Academy. Supported by a government grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) within the ÉTA program, we are excited to announce the second wave of our 3D lesson plans co-developed with Masaryk University. This latest batch covers design and technology, mathematics, geography, science, and computing.

Braille Cube 

The challenge to design and print a braille cube has many learning angles. From discovering the history and origin of braille as well as how it is used today, through to designing and printing a 3D model. Students can then learn and practice braille letters using the model and go on to use the cube to create letters and write their own names in braille, demonstrating what they’ve learned.

Promethean Processing  

This two-part lesson encourages ‘thinking outside the box’, embracing original ideas, resilience, and creative thinking – all useful traits for problem-solving. Students are encouraged to improve their ability to formulate and evaluate new approaches to solve any problem they may encounter. Learning about the four-step problem-solving cycle, students are challenged to model a standard six-sided die and then break it down into nine cuboid components. The second part of the lesson features students reassembling the die from the components in a number of different ways.


Used to explain topography, this lesson features elements of research and design. Learning about the different characteristics of terrain and contours, students will also be able to use a map to explain it. The second part of this lesson involves students designing and creating a 3D relief model for a natural landscape of their choice.  


Units of a cube 

Students will draw and calculate the volume, surface, and areas of a variety of complex rectangular prisms. They then go on to model and construct the missing parts of each rectangular prism in TinkerCad®.

Loving learning

The project with Masaryk University has one more batch of lessons to come, so watch this space! We hope that you are enjoying these lessons and that we  can continue to inspire and support you in your use of 3D printing in education. If you have any feedback, please do get in touch!

Other 3D lessons from this collaboration include: Under the Microscope, Orthographic Projection, Cartogram, and Stereometry.
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