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Masaryk University Collaboration Yields First 4 3D Lessons
9 November 2021   YSoft be3D
Chief Marketing Officer
BE3D Academy adds four new 3D lessons – free for any educator to download. 3D lesson plans are rich resources for teaching STEAM subjects through engaging projects and 3D printing. Here we share details on the new lessons. 
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When your printing goes bump in the night - who ya gonna call?
29 October 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Last Halloween we wrote about scary print and scan security risks, but what happens when there’s something strange happening in your print environment? Who ya gonna call? We are not sure the Ghostbusters can deal with this sort of drama, so we’ll take it from here. Let us grab our proton packs and stop the spooks in their tracks.  
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When cloud printing is critical
26 October 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
In a digital era, printing remains a critical business process. How can you make sure it is available when you need it? A print service outage can be a disaster in some industries and an annoying time-consuming inconvenience in others. However, it will always result in a loss of productivity and cost. Let’s look at high availability (HA), and what it means for cloud printing.
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SAFEQ’s Latest Release for FUJIFILM Business Innovation
22 October 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Product Marketing Director
With SAFEQ certified as an embedded solution for Fuji Film Business Innovation printers, customers get the trusted comprehensive print management they need.  
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Industry focus - Print Management in Legal
12 October 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Product Marketing Director
While a law firm’s focus is on delivering accurate advice to clients of all sizes, challenges with the print environment can get in the way. Print management in the legal sector aids law firms to focus on client work confident that document security and accurate billing of print services are handled.  
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Industry focus - Print Management in Logistics
7 October 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Product Marketing Director
The logistics industry quite literally keeps things moving around the globe. However, this highly pressurized environment is at the mercy of core business processes, such as printing. Print management can make all the difference, but not all print management solutions are created equal.  
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Industry focus - print management in healthcare
14 September 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
The healthcare industry is like no other with lives literally hanging in the balance. Providing effective care comes with many healthcare business process challenges such as print services. This article looks at how print management can overcome print services challenges allowing staff to achieve the priority of quality patient care.
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