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The YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family of services offer cloud-based print services and print infrastructure that use enterprise-grade best practices to keep customer data private and secure.

Our Security Commitment

Our customers are our top priority. Our promise to you is to keep your print services secure.

World Class Secure and Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Y Soft uses Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform partner to host production versions of our YSoft SAFEQ Cloud print management and document capture applications. Additional information about the Microsoft Azure cloud platform can be found here:

Cloud & On-Premises Application Security

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud (software) is embedded in multifunction devices (MFDs) at a customer’s business location and is rigorously secured using the same protocols and processes employed by customers who use YSoft SAFEQ today as an on-premises or private cloud solution. Additional detail can be found in Y Soft security white papers, Securing the Enterprise Workflow Environment, and Keeping Print Services Secure in the Cloud, available on


Uses Single Sign-on (SSO), allowing secure user access to YSoft SAFEQ Cloud services without requiring entry of additional login credentials.

Data Permissions & Authentication

Super Administrator access to the YSoft SAFEQ Cloud system is limited to a subset of authorized, highly trained Y Soft employees who require it for their job and whose data access is logged. Y Soft access is necessary for system maintenance and for responsibility for the cloud-hosted application and a customer’s print infrastructure.
  Role-based administrator access allows portal management of devices and system reports. Administrator access can be assigned to the customer’s employee and/or maintained by a certified
Y Soft partner reseller.

Incident Response

Breaches will be communicated within 48 hours, and vulnerabilities fixed as soon as possible.

Supporting Compliance & Governance


As print jobs processed within YSoft SAFEQ Cloud services may contain sensitive information, including personal data of all categories, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud software offers key features and tools to keep your data secure and GDPR compliant. Customer support services provided by Y Soft fully comply with GDPR and the applicable local data protection laws.

ISO27K (in progress)

Assured information security management best practice through ISO27K certification.

Ongoing Security Commitment

Secure Development

Security is built into our cloud services development and design. Throughout the agile development process, security subject matter expects are consulted.

Employee Trainings

All employees undergo security policy training.

Y Soft Responsible Disclosure Policy

Y Soft believes in security responsibility and works with skilled, responsible security experts. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in Y Soft products, you can report an issue.
Y Soft may revise these guidelines from time to time. The most current version of
the guidelines will be available at