3D Printing Protocols

Bachelor thesis, offered

University: MU, Faculty: FI, Topic: Mobile Applications

A student should explore possibilities of 3D printing on different platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10. The student should explore properties (e.g., available libraries, community support, licenses) of 3D printing protocols (e.g., Internet Printing Protocol, WS-Print) available for each platform.

Following protocol should be examined and described in detail: Internet Printing Protocol, WS-Print. The text should contain instructions for developers how to handle 3D printing in specific platform.

Design and implement an application (or a library), which allows a user to print directly from a desktop or a mobile device. The implementation should cover Android, iPhone or Windows 10. Prototype should be verified by printing real object with be3D printer.

The thesis will be realized with Y Soft Corporation, a.s., a strategic industrial partner of the Faculty of Informatics.

Thesis detail is available on is.muni.cz

YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta
YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

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