Analysis of export and import laws for systems that involve cryptography

Master thesis, offered

University: MU, Faculty: FI, Topic: Product Security

The goal of this thesis is to prepare export guide for a Czech company that has its subsidiaries in different countries.

The guide has to be prepared for systems that involve cryptographic mechanisms. The guide should differentiate between:
  • Systems that use software cryptography for internal uses only (e.g., an encrypted firmware delivery or encrypted communication to a server, an encrypted file system, etc.) and
  • Systems that use software cryptography for user usage (e.g., a user sends an encrypted message to another system) and
  • Systems that use hardware accelerated cryptography for internal use only and
  • Systems that use hardware accelerated cryptography for user usage.

The student should always mention restriction on concrete cryptographic algorithms and key sizes, etc. The work should be based on official sources as much as possible.

The following outputs are expected:
  • Division of the whole world to regions with same policy
  • Steps required for systems export to each region (e.g., some declaration or registration, mention concrete organizations)
  • Export restrictions for each region
  • Capability of a region to be used for reexport (to have there inventory)

Useful sources: http://www.cryptolaw.org/

This thesis will be realized in collaboration with Y Soft Corporation a.s., a strategic partner of the Faculty of Informatics.

Thesis detail is available on is.muni.cz

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