Software licenses for usage and distribution of 3rd party libraries

Master thesis, offered

University: MU, Faculty: FI, Topic: Product Security

The thesis aim is twofold: (1) examine different types of the most widespread software licenses, compare and present clearly main differences between them; (2) for selected software licenses, prepare guides that will include: (a) steps required to be taken to fulfill the license terms (e.g., in order to use Apple libraries, it is required to sign an agreement with Apple Inc.), (b) information on limitation of each license type (e.g., usage with static vs dynamic linking), (c) possible consequences of selling products with 3rd party libraries without fulfilling their license terms.

The scope of the thesis can be limited to United States of America, Russian Federation, People's Republic of China and European Union legislative.

Thesis detail is available on is.muni.cz

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