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3D printing gives students a hands-on, creative learning experience making learning immersive and fun. However, educators need a 3D print management solution to ensure an investment in 3D printing is accountable and actionable. In this eBook, Y Soft offers tips and considerations for managing 3D printing in Education – all designed to help you find your perfect 3D print solution.

Download the ebook to answer these key questions:

  • What is 3D printing and why is it useful in Education?
  • What is 3D print management?
  • How does 3D print management help me manage 3D printers and their costs?
  • How much does 3D printing cost? Can I offer a pay-to-print service?
  • How can I effectively introduce 3D printing into my school?
An Educator’s Guide to Introducing 3D Printing Into the Classroom
“From the beginning it was obvious that 3D printing has an extremely positive influence on student’s motivation to study. Students were curious about the technology and eager to explore its possibilities in their graduation projects and in different 3D technology-related classes. To use the potential fully, we decided to create a special classroom dedicated exclusively to 3D printing and integrate it tightly in the whole four-year curriculum plan.”
Lukas Prochazka, Deputy Headmaster, Technical School in Prosek.
“The Education sector has unique requirements when it comes to students using 3D printers. After a one year study in a real school environment, we designed our 3D printer and 3D print management solution to reflect the needs of both the student and the school. Educators can manage and monitor who is accessing the printers, what is being printed and manage costs appropriately, even charging per print job if desired. An off the shelf solution has limited value in Education. This eBook lays out all the factors a school should consider. A must read for school faculty and IT.”
Wouter Koelewijn, Chief of Products, Board Member