Print 2011 Event in Israel

Print 2011 Event in Israel

Israel, a country strongly focused on Research and Development, hosted the Print 2011 Expo in November. Print 2011 has taken place for the third consecutive year at the Airport City convention haobr1.pngll near Tel Aviv and Y Soft was proud to be part of it.

Companies taking part in Print 2011 are the leaders among hardware, software and service providers in Israel. The event includes key presentations, speeches delivered by experts and IT managers and includes topics about saving printing time, paper, toner, print quality, etc.

The best booth

In order to demonstobr2-team.pngrate to visitors the importance of paper savings and protecting our environment, we built a high wall consisting of 500 sheet papers packs. This equates to exactly 1 ton of paper. With our terminals mounted on the paper boxes, the message was "Y Soft saves paper and protects your prints".

The opening session

Y Soft CEO, Mr. Václav Muchna gave an opening session. Mr. Muchna spoke about the Y Soft cloud printing solution, which manages servers centrally and automatically distributes configuration settings and updates to multiple locations.

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