Video: What's New in DeeRed
8/10/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft be3D
DeeRed, our professional 3D printer, is bigger and better than before.
In this video, we talk about all the new things you can expect in the new DeeRed.
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European Beauty, Brains & Brawn: be3D Makes DeeGreen 3D Printer Available Globally, Under $2K
1/10/2015 | YSoft be3D
The DeeGreen 3D printer coming from be3D, a Y Soft company, has it all-and now its going global.
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Breaking Up Shouldn't be Hard To Do
23/9/2015 | YSoft SafeQ

As a provider of IT services, what do you do if your customer announces they are splitting the company up? How can you turn this into a selling point – that in the event of a reverse merger (or changes in general), your solution and customer care organization can guide them through the change easily?

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Partner News: Meta Byte Technologies
10/9/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Y Soft welcomes Meta Byte Technologies to the community of partners offering YSoft SafeQ to organizations. Based in Dubai Internet City, Meta Byte provides technology consultancy services across many geographies.
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Meet Y Soft at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, London
7/9/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
It is becoming more and more apparent that enterprise mobility is critical to the success and long term strategy for enterprises across Europe. The benefits of a robust and flexible mobility strategy are vast; particularly when trying to deliver operational efficiency, workforce productivity and unparalleled customer service.
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Forbes: Y Soft Ventures invests in
2/9/2015 | Y Soft Ventures
Forbes sat down with Sewio CEO and CTO to talk about the investment made in Sewio by Y Soft Ventures. Today, Y Soft Ventures announced a funding round in Sewio Networks. Sewio solutions use precise location data and wireless sensors to help find, protect, optimize or control the things that matter the most – people, equipment and assets.
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GeeCON Moves the JAVA World in Prague
1/9/2015 | Y Soft Corporation
Do you want to attend the famous developer conference, GeeCON, in the Czech Republic? No problem! Y Soft and GeeCON’s organizers bring it to our capital again. We can therefore proudly announce, that Y Soft is the platinum sponsor, co-organizer and key partner of GeeCON 2015 in Prague, on October 22-23.
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ABS & PLA: Myths Uncovered
19/8/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft be3D
3D printing has a long history dating back to the early 1980s. At that time, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) was the first 3D printing material developed. Since then many new printing materials have been developed including PLA (Polyactic acid). Many have predicted that it’s only a matter of time before ABS is completely replaced by the cornstarch-based, biodegradable PLA material, but ABS still ranks among the most favorite 3D printing materials.
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YSoft SafeQ Latest Software Update passes Ricoh Compatibility Testing
11/8/2015 | YSoft SafeQ
Latest software update for YSoft SafeQ has passed Ricoh's rigorous compatibility testing.

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88 projects from all over the world applied to JIC STARCUBE 2015
6/8/2015 | Y Soft Ventures
88 projects from all over the world want to be IoT smarter and have applied to JIC STARCUBE 2015.
JIC STARCUBE 2015 is a Czech Republic tech accelerator helping young startups to help create jobs in the region. Y Soft Ventures, as a main sponsor, takes an interest in projects that connect hardware and software.
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Samsung Embedded Support Is Here
4/8/2015 | YSoft SafeQ
We are pleased to add Samsung to our list of supported brands where YSoft SafeQ is embedded in the MFD’s user access panel.
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New in YSoft SafeQ: Support for Mac and iOS Mobile Printing
4/8/2015 | YSoft SafeQ
Organizations who support BYOD or provide mobile devices to increase employee satisfaction and productivity also have the requirement to secure, monitor and control costs associated with printing from these devices.
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Y Soft Certified by International Software Testing Qualification Board
29/7/2015 | YSoft SafeQ
Y Soft has achieved Platinum Partner status with the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), the world-wide leader in the certification of competencies in software testing.
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Y Soft’s annual team event raises money for charity
10/7/2015 | Y Soft Corporation
Every year Y Soft celebrates its birthday with an internal event we call “Scandal”. It has become a tradition that activities at the event are organized in a way that does a good thing: earning money for charity. Together, we were able to donate $6,825 for charities in the three regions where Scandal was held. Y Soft CEO, Václav Muchna, said: "Our annual event gives us the opportunity to reinforce our team spirit. Once again I am proud of how the teams came together for good cause.“
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Case Study: NORDJYSKE Medier
9/7/2015 | Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
With YSoft SafeQ, printing costs are reduced by 20%.

NORDJYSKE Medier’s printer fleet had grown slowly over time. With four brands and
44 different printer models—many of which were inefficient and expensive desktop
printers—managing and maintaining the print environment was extremely difficult and timeconsuming. Reliability and uptime suffered, while the cost of printing continually increased.
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