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Reporting provides easy access to an in-depth analysis of the oganization's print, copy scan and fax usage. A rich set of default reports contains information to optimize your print services environment. Reports can be customized by administrators easily.

Viewing SAFEQ reporting data on a laptop

Web reports include detailed data gathered by YSoft SAFEQ from monitored printers and MFDs. The data is presented in the Web reports section of the YSoft SAFEQ management interface. Many filters are available for customizing reports. Choose from various types of presentation formats and export the report tables in the format needed.

Web reports consist of two kinds of statistical data: detailed statistics and basic statistics. Detailed statistics contain details about each individual job accounted by YSoft SAFEQ. Basic statistics are created from detailed statistics by grouping similar jobs in one-hour intervals. Basic statistics include only key information.


Management reports are a convenient way to provide information about the entire 3D and paper print environment or only specified departments, printers, and users.  

Management reports can include data in varying degrees of detail:

  • Company view – Displays information about all departments, printers, and users.
  • Department view – Displays information about one particular department, including all the users and printers in that department.

  • Device view – includes information about every printer and copier in the YSoft SAFEQ network across the entire company.

  • User view – Displays records about all the organization’s YSoft SAFEQ users.

​Management reports are suitable for C-level staff, auditors, and anyone else who needs an overall picture of the print environment, print costs, and related information. The reports are visually attractive and can include the company’s logo.  

Reports include both the tables and charts, clearly showing a history of print environment usage, such as the most active departments, users, and printers. The reports can be filtered by time period and can be exported or automatically sent via email in PDF, HTML, or DOCX format.

Green Reports inform the company on resources saved on paper printing such as water, timber and CO2 emissions, providing results toward more efficient and responsible printing. These reports are important to individuals responsible for corporate social responsibility programs. 3D printers use filaments which organizations may want to track and YSoft SAFEQ reports provides information on the amount of filament used on each 3D print job and for each printer.

The reporting module is available in these Y Soft products

Looking to let your Print Soar in the Cloud?

Transitions to the cloud have skyrocketed in IT departments across the globe. If you’re already on a cloud journey, including your print management solution is a no-brainer. And even if you’re not – kickstarting the journey has never been easier. So, what’s holding you back? 

Here’s how you can move your print environment to the cloud: 


Take your print infrastructure to the cloud using a fully flexible native cloud solution. As you scale, we’re right there with you, with a cloud printing solution that adapts to your pace and makes life easier for everyone printing.

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SAFEQ Managed

Let us manage your print infrastructure in a secure, reserved cloud environment. SAFEQ Managed is ideal if you want the benefits of print management, without the need to purchase on-premise servers.

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OMNI Bridge

If your print architecture isn’t cloud-enabled on its own, fret not. OMNI Bridge is a cloud-connector, making any print device cloud-ready in just a few minutes. Don’t let your printers hold you back. 

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