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YSoft OMNI Series: Cloud-Based Printing with High Availability

When printing is a critical business process
A document is sent to a printer using OMNI Series

What is High Availability?

If your business depends on printing to keep sales moving along, any delay or outage hurts the bottom line. High Availability (HA) ensures that your printing processes are running as smoothly as possible. HA provides two main benefits: load balancing and redundancy/ failover. Without HA, your print flow with OMNI Series and Universal Print may look like this. (image on the left)
A high availability print group

OMNI Series + High Availability

By grouping one or more YSoft OMNI Bridges together, print job delays and outages are eliminated. Let’s look at what load balancing and redundancy/failover can do for your business. 

Load balancing

When your business has peak printing activity – end of quarter financial documents or monthly invoices – printing needed for sales or other urgent reasons may be delayed as jobs are queued at the printer. With YSoft OMNI Bridges in a HA group, print jobs can flow to any available OMNI Bridge and onward to the printer without delay. If one OMNI Bridge is busy, print jobs seamlessly move to a less busy OMNI Bridge. 

Redundancy Failover

If one OMNI Bridge is offline – loss of power or technology being technology, sometimes things break – your print jobs still need to print. With a HA group, should one OMNI Bridge be unavailable, print jobs are routed to available OMNI Bridges. With an HA group, you have built-in redundancy/failover ensuring print jobs can always be printed. 
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