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YSoft OMNI Series consists of YSoft OMNI Bridge and YSoft OMNI Apps 

YSoft OMNI Bridge 

OMNI Bridge is a serverless Edge device that connects any networked printer to the cloud. When paired with the YSoft OMNI UP365 App, the first of our OMNI Apps, your printers can take advantage of Universal Print and, in the future, a variety of print and printer related features. OMNI Bridge is easily configurable in seconds and requires no maintenance. 

Grouping OMNI Bridges together provides load balancing and fail-over redundancy for businesses that require high availability for print services.

YSoft OMNI Apps 

YSoft OMNI Apps provide print-related functionality for your in-market printers. OMNI Apps reside on an OMNI Bridge or multiple OMNI Bridges as an annual subscription. The first OMNI App is YSoft OMNI UP365. 

YSoft OMNI UP365

OMNI UP365 supports Universal Print technology from Microsoft. With OMNI UP365 on an OMNI Bridge, your in-market printers are instantly compatible with Universal Print without requiring a local or remote Windows 10 or Windows Server machine. It’s that easy to eliminate all the print driver and print queue management burden from your IT staff.

An OMNI UP365 subscription on one YSoft OMNI Bridge can support up to 25 printers.

Printing is simply available to users in seconds. 

YSoft OMNI Series Overview

Download an overview of YSoft OMNI Series which includes specification details for YSoft OMNI Bridge.

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