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Working from home, already a growing trend, has become the new normal. Businesses must adapt to support printing at or to home while still protecting the security and privacy of company data. 

YSoft OMNI Series and Universal Print technology from Microsoft, offer an affordable, secure way to support Work From Home (WFH) staff in many different ways. 
Print to home printer from home diagram

Print to Home Printer from Home

With staff working from home, company documents containing sensitive or private information may need to be printed. Whether printing to a personal home printer or a company-provided home printer, with YSoft OMNI Bridge and the YSoft OMNI UP365 App, printing is securely managed from your organization’s Microsoft 365 account. The Universal Print feature ensures a secure print queue to the home printer. 
OMNI Series diagram for cloud printing from home and office

Print from Home Office to the Business Office

WFH staff may need to print documents used by in-office workers. For example, while at home, an employee may be processing orders and prints the shipping documents to an in-office printer where it is picked up by staff working in the company’s warehouse. With YSoft OMNI Bridge and the YSoft OMNI UP365 App, an at-home worker can print to any office printer where the prints are collected by the staff that needs them. Printing is securely processed by Microsoft 365 and the job is relayed to the business office’s printer.  
Print from anywhere to office or home printer diagram

Print from Business Office to the Home Office

Office workers may want to print documents to their home printer when they know they’ll be working from home the next day. With YSoft OMNI Bridge, equipped with the YSoft OMNI UP365 App, connected to in-office printers and an OMNI Bridge and OMNI UP365 App set up with the home printer, this is possible. Similar to the two scenarios above, Microsoft 365 securely processes the print job and relays the job to the home printer. 
These Work From Home scenarios assist a business in staying productive while maintaining security of company information. These Work From Home scenarios are in addition to YSoft OMNI Series intra-office printing where one YSoft OMNI Bridge and multiple UP365 apps can support multiple printers.