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YSoft OMNI Series

All the technical details about cloud printing in plain English. 

Secure, cloud printing in the office…. or at the home office. 

Each location simply needs one OMNI Bridge and OMNI UP365 Apps, one for each printer you want to use for cloud printing. Whether that is a home office or a work office, you can print to your available printers securely. Learn more

What if printing is a critical business process? 

Many businesses rely on printing as part of doing business. When a printer is not available, you can’t afford for business to come to a standstill. Not to worry. OMNI Series has options to ensure high availability of print services. Learn more

More about security 

We take document security very seriously. After all, we’ve been in business for over 20 years supplying print management and document capture services for 42% of the Global Fortune 500. So, we’ve earned the trust of the world’s largest businesses. Your business is just as important. 

In addition to leveraging the highest level of security in Microsoft 365 to deliver cloud printing, we designed OMNI Bridge with additional security features:
  • Customized OpenEmbedded Linux OS; the system won’t work without it. 
  • Encrypted keys that only OMNI Bridge can decrypt and recognize. Even Y Soft cannot decrypt it. 
  • Ongoing monitoring. As a networked device connected to OMNI Cloud Central, the latest security patches (and software upgrades) are seamlessly pushed to your OMNI Bridge.