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Mobile Print

Adapting to an increasingly mobile workforce, organizations need to be proactive, and mobile printing is transformational in supporting this shift.

Organizations must ensure that printing from mobile devices (BYOD or provided) is productive, secure and accounted for in a print management system.

Print job finishing options on SAFEQ mobile app

Employees using laptops benefit from YSoft SAFEQ Print Roaming. Regardless of their location, the user only needs the YSoft SAFEQ Client application installed on their laptop. The application runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems, and also supports virtualized workstation environments. The YSoft SAFEQ Client automatically recognizes the nearest YSoft SAFEQ print server and uses it to send the print data.

This one-off seamless and secure configuration process does not require any additional IT support, and if the laptop is connected to the organization’s network, they may use any convenient printer.

With YSoft SAFEQ a flexible work environment is supported through the ability to print from any device. Printing from smartphones and tables is as simple as sending an email with a document attached or uploading a file to a website. YSoft SAFEQ uses a dedicated email address and web page for users to send documents to print without the need for print drivers.

The Mobile Print module is available in these Y Soft products

YSoft SAFEQ workflow solutions platform diagram


YSoft SAFEQ is designed as a software platform. Today, the platform has three main product areas:  Print Management, Document Capture and 3D Print Management. Within these areas, the software is offered either as a cloud-based service or as an on-premise solution.  

When using a cloud-based service, the component features are bundled together. When using on-premise, the modules are offered in Software Suites for the best value although individual modules can be purchased. 


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