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Print Roaming®

Print Roaming® enables pull-printing – seamless printing wherever and whenever you need it. 

Your organization needs a secure and flexible enterprise workflow solution which supports user-friendly printing across multiple locations, including 3D printing.

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It is not always feasible to deploy the YSoft SAFEQ Client on all user workstations, and it may not always be suitable to replicate jobs in order to keep their availability.

YSoft SAFEQ is flexible and allows for combining a server-based and a server-less approach into one solution. For example, a combined solution could be deployed in the following scenarios:

  • A branch office does not have the possibility to install the YSoft SAFEQ Client on user workstations. In this situation a local ORS server could be deployed specifically for this branch.

  • Where an organization has an existing infrastructure they have invested in, it is possible to scale up the existing solutions. To increase users or functionality within the existing server-based infrastructure, add in lightweight servers and Client Based Print Roaming.

By utilizing the power from the workstation in this way, CBPR decreases the number of servers which are required by around 2-4 times. This means that lightweight servers may be used which have lower hardware, software and maintenance costs. Client Based Print Roaming may also positively affect the company network by reducing bandwidth since jobs are handled on the user’s workstation.

Should a user send a print job and his workstation become unavailable or their device is locked, a locally spooled print can be optionally replicated to a backup location. The advantage is the user doesn’t have to depend on the availability of the original, locally spooled job and instead can print one its replicas. Print job replicas are invisible to the end users. When a user deletes a print job that has replicas, all replicas will also be deleted.

Management of the YSoft SAFEQ Client is easy and does not require any additional resource from IT administrators. Deployment to user workstations can be carried out en masse via Windows Active Directory, SCCM, or other managed deployment strategies.

Once installed, the maintenance is seamless. From the installation of customized print drivers, updating versions or changing the configuration, the administrator needs to only update the configuration on central locations, and the workstations will update automatically. By adjusting the settings in the YSoft SAFEQ Web Administration, all workstations will automatically receive new print queues or updates. These changes happen silently and seamlessly so employees are not disturbed.

The YSoft SAFEQ Client works across Windows and Mac platforms and provides the administrator with the same configuration and policies for all users regardless of the platform.

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