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Local government is required to archive building site and construction related paper documents so so that the content can be searched and retrieved for many years in an easy manner. In some cases, the requirement is to preserve documentation for over 100 years. The resulting storage space and costs for paper documents becomes significant.


A pre-defined YSoft SafeQ scan workflow available on any MFD in her company which automatically converts paper documents into a searchable, ISO standard digital format suitable for archiving in a PDF format. The workflow also includes automatic delivery of digital documents to a Document Management System in a location corresponding to a case number.


Local government officer, Thomas, receives documents related to a construction permit from a developer. The documentation contains building plans, permits, certifications, etc. Thomas is ready to file them into the project folder, which holds all documents for this specific permit.

Thomas swipes his badge at MFD (multifunction device) in his company’s office and selects a pre-defined scan workflow from a list of his personal workflows on the user interface. Thomas selects a construction permit case number from a list of choices populated live from the database of construction permits and quickly scans the documents.

The scanned documents are automatically passed through the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process and converted into a searchable PDF format suitable for long-term preservation (PDF/a) and is routed to the correct location in the Document Management System repository.