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Appending documents – Employee Appraisals


A company performs bi-annual employee appraisals. Appraisals are stored in a secure networked file system. Each completed and signed appraisal form must be scanned, named and added to the employee’s folder. Over time, an employee’s folder has many separate appraisal files and it becomes burdensome for the manager or HR to find and reference a particular appraisal. The preferred solution is for each new appraisal to be appended to an existing file so that a complete history can be viewed in one file and managers or HR can find information faster and easily.


An automated scan workflow is created for appraisals. The workflow is designed to prompt for user input, in this case, to navigate through and select an existing appraisal document from the company’s networked file system. The user can only access the folders in the file system for the set of employees under his supervision. The workflow’s delivery is defined to be as an append to the selected existing document.


Peter, a line manger, has completed appraisals for his team. At a multifunction device, he authenticates himself using his ID badge. From the various scan workflows Peter has access to, he selects the appraisal workflow. He is prompted to navigate the networked file system folders that are presented to him, locating and selecting the existing PDF containing an employee’s previous appraisal. Peter inserts the document(s) and proceeds with the workflow. The document(s) are captured, processed and the digital page(s) is appended to the existing appraisal document. The workflow also notifies HR with an email that an appraisal is completed in case payroll or other processes need to be started.

The line manager and HR now have one document to review when looking at the employee’s appraisal history in chronological order. Additionally, after several years of appraisels, HR can easily do a search at the parent folder level when needing to find a reference without knowing which employee it applies to. Finding the information is quicker when fewer files need to be opened.