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Medical: Processing Test Results


A doctor’s office receives results of medical tests for patients. The doctor wants to be able to easily find tests by the type of test, for example, “blood tests”, “heart rate” when accessing the electronic files of his patients. Additionally, the office uses barcodes to identify each patient and the corresponding barcode is attached to the medical tests.


A YSoft SafeQ customized workflow is created with the ability to recognize text marked with highlighter pen. Various highlighter pen colors can trigger specific actions. In this case a color is chosen to represent which medical test the results document represents. The workflow is set to include the highlighted text as part of the document file name so the physician can easily see that the document refers to a particular test result and the date. Alerts can be sent to notify the physician that the test results are available for his review.


The office administrator receives the paper-based medical results. Knowing the physician prefers that the electronic file names relate to the type of medical test, she uses a highlighter pen to highlight a word on the document that indicates the type of test it is. She chooses a workflow specific for medical tests and scans the documents in batch at the end of the day.

YSoft SafeQ scans the documents and creates searchable PDFs using the highlighted text as the filename. In the processing stage, YSoft SafeQ reads the barcode and files the documents in the patient’s online record folder. With human error as the main reason a patient’s records are not up to date, this automated delivery of records to the correct location removes the chance of human error and allows the doctor to act quickly on the medical test results.

Because the date of the scan is also captured and presented in the patient’s file, the physician can quickly find the test result he is looking for knowing that it is the most recent one.