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Recruitment Agency: Efficiency in Processing Job Candidate Data


In addition to C.V.s and cover letters from job seekers, recruitment agencies may handle a variety of employment related documents on behalf of their hiring clients. This may include documents related to background checks, employer references and or materials produced by the job candidate as part of the interviewing and qualifications checking process. Further, recruitment agencies often refer to candidate files well after a candidate has been placed.

A busy agency must have a way to store and retrieve information as if it were at their fingertips at any given moment. Further, for positions that are in high turnover, such as in retail, C.V.s are often submitted in person in printed form.

The agency decides to store documents in a 3rd party cloud storage system where each client has a folder and each job position has a named subfolder.


A pre-defined YSoft SafeQ scan workflow that prompts the user to enter pre-defined client codes. Because resulting scans are text-based PDFs, they are searchable using keywords making information retrieval quick and easy. The solution also includes barcode recognition for automatic routing to the correct destination eliminating human errors.


As candidate C.V.s come through, an assistant is tasked with e-filing them. A simple workflow prompts her to enter the client and position code. She scans all the C.V.s which are automatically stored in the named client’s subfolder for the position.

The assistant is also tasked with screening the candidates by search for keywords. Because the scans are searchable PDFs, the task is done quickly and she can print out the C.V.s that match the keywords. As these are identified by the assistant as being the most qualified, she creates a barcode for these screened candidates as she knows future documents will be received from them.

As the interview process continues, whenever new documents are received, the matching barcode is attached. Now when she scans she can choose the workflow that identifies barcodes (without having to prompt her to enter codes) and the documents are scanned and automatically routed to the matching folder. In addition an alert is sent to the recruiter that additional information has been received.