Credit and Billing

Credit and Billing

YSoft SafeQ Credit and Billing module allocates and tracks costs by billing codes and manages pay-for-print accounts automatically.
With minimal administrative overhead and a rich set of features, you can account for the printing, copying, and scanning usage and accurately allocate costs by project or billing code. The pay-per-print features make new revenue opportunities possible and inform users of the cost of their job to enable better usage decisions.

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Accurate Accounting for Billing Allocation

Organizations can track and allocate costs for printing, scanning and copying services by budget center or by client. Credit and Billing module tracks and reports on the billing codes entered into the MFD for easy accounting and tracking. The MFD can be configured to present a list of billing codes or project numbers available to the user.

Enhanced MPS

Organizations that want to fully realize the cost savings of Managed Print Services (MPS) can set up print quotas to ensure cost controls are adhered under print governance policies. Administrators my set up page quotas per user or group, by cost center or by device to match goals under an MPS contract.

Informed Choices Lead to Less Waste

An effective means of reducing costs and waste is to make employees aware of the costs associated with their print, copy, or scan outputs before the MFD performs the job. With a small YSoft SafeQ Client on user workstations, the relevant cost estimates about the job are provided immediately after he/she submits the job. The user can then choose to make a more cost-efficient decision about the job. For example, the user can choose to convert a color print job to B/W before it is printed.
In certain environments, it is not feasible to deploy the YSoft SafeQ Client. In this case, users can see price estimates at the printer on the YSoft SafeQ Terminal Embedded or YSoft SafeQ Terminal Pro 4.

Managing Pay for Print Services

Organizations that accept payment for print, copy and scan services such as educational institutions, public libraries or hotel business centers can utilize the Credit and Billing module, in combination with our YSoft Payment Machine, to automate the loading and reloading of user accounts. Some organizations allocate a budget of free printing for employees or students as a benefit and charge for printing only when the allocation has been exceeded. Credit and Billing can be set up to manage this configuration. Alternatively, Credit and Billing can be administered by staff using the Cash Desk management web-based application.
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