YSoft SafeQ Payment Machine

YSoft SafeQ Payment Machine

Optional self-service payment kiosk allows users to add credit to their print services account by accepting coins and bills of the selected currency. Ideal payment solution when used with YSoft SafeQ Credit and Billing module and in combination with YSoft be3D eDee.

High Level of Security

To prevent tampering, the YSoft SafeQ Payment Machine is equipped with a vaultdoor-open detector and alarm. Only personnel with a PIN and key can access cash without triggering the alarm. To ensure continuous security, the YSoft SafeQ Payment Machine is equipped with a power backup and the vaultdoor-open detector and power-on signal can be connected to an external facility alarm or remote monitoring system.

Robust, Reliable Banknote Acceptance

The YSoft SafeQ Payment Machine includes a banknote acceptor with improved scanning that prevents receipt of counterfeit notes. In addition, it provides a higher rate of acceptance of wrinkled banknotes — and includes a banknote stacker for easy collection of cash.
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