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Print reports and tracking

Print reports and tracking

Fact-based Audits on Print Service Usage

For Administrators, YSoft SafeQ has a management interface that is simple and intuitive to use. Reporting features are available through the management interface and provide a comprehensive fact-based overview allowing you to audit and manage your 2D and 3D print environment easily. The Reporting module analyzes usage and costs for the entire organization, a single department or individual users helping you to manage and oversee the entire fleet.

Predefined or Create Custom Reports

Predefined and custom standard and management reports with detailed information about 3D or paper printing, copying, scanning and fax operations for each printer, groups of users or individual users is easily accessible. With one click, for example, you have details of the five most active users or costs for each department.

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Contribute to Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Green Reports inform the company on resources saved on paper printing such as water, timber and CO2 emissions, providing results toward more efficient and responsible printing. These reports are important to individuals responsible for corporate social responsibility programs. 3D printers use filaments which organizations may want to track and YSoft SafeQ reports provides information on the amount of filament used on each 3D print job and for each printer.

Automated or On Demand

YSoft SafeQ Reporting module has many report templates. Reports can be customized and received on-demand or automatically via email. Additionally, you can specify a list of recipients. Management reports can be saved as PDF, HTML or DOCX and standard Web reports can be saved in CSV, HTML, PDF, XLS, XLSX or XML formats for easy sharing. Either way, you’ll have a centralized view of your print operations and fact-based data for better decision making and print fleet optimization.