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Print Roaming

Print Roaming

For Pull Printing

The YSoft SafeQ Print Roaming module provides secure access to print documents or 3D objects from any authorized MFD, printer or 3D printer in an organization’s fleet. Documents follow the user and are available when and where the user needs them, be it locally or around the world. Even for 3D printing, users can use any YSoft be3D printer; useful when the closest one is busy.

Across the Hall, Around the Globe

Whether your organization has one central location or regional offices around the globe, YSoft SafeQ’s architecture can scale to support on-demand pull printing now or as your organization grows. An employee can send a paper or 3D object print job from their office in London and print it out in Tokyo – all without additional IT support or local support.

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Users can easily reprint a previous job, delete jobs they no longer need and flag print jobs as favorites for printing on demand. By enabling the user to perform these functions at the printer instead of returning to the desktop, user productivity is enhanced. With Print Roaming on paper printers, users will print only what they need eliminating paper waste, a major contributor to reducing overall printing costs.

Client Based Print Roaming

Extending the value of Print Roaming even further, Client Based Print Roaming (CBPR) can reduce the cost of print infrastructure by utilizing less expensive servers. CBPR achieves this by handling complex print tasks on the user’s workstation and non-complex tasks like user authentication and usage audit reporting with less expensive servers.
Note: CBPR is not applicable for YSoft be3D eDee.

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