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Rule Based Engine

Rule Based Engine

Enforce Print Governance, Reduce Printing Costs

Whether your organization has print governance policies for document security, waste and cost reductions or both, YSoft SafeQ Rule-Based Engine module is a key component for enforcing cost saving policies easily and changing user behavior.

In Rule-Based Engine, common cost saving rules specific to your print, scan and copy environment include forced single to double-sided printing, forced black and white printing and print to more efficient printers.

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Use the Most Efficient Device for the Job

Based on the type of document, administrators can create rules to route the job to the most cost efficient printing device. A 200 page black and white print job could be more economically printed on a device suited for black and white with less expensive paper and output costs. This is an additional way YSoft SafeQ helps reduce printing costs. When print jobs are re-routed based on rules, the user receives an alert advising of which MFD the print job can be printed.

Enforce Security Policies

Rules for corporate print governance may include enforcing security measures on sensitive or confidential documents. Administrators can use Rule-Based Engine module to enforce watermarking or other measures to ensure security compliance.