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Managed Workflow Automation Modules

Managed Workflow Automation Modules

Accurate Document Capture, Processing and Delivery

YSoft SafeQ Core and Advanced Workflows take the complexity out of scanning. We make scan workflows easy for the user to reduce errors and easy for administrators to create and manage efficient scan workflows.
Managed Workflow modules are the key components of YSoft SafeQ document scanning and workflow automation features. Workflows help organizations increase employee productivity by speeding up or eliminating paper-based tasks and by automating document workflow to pre-defined destinations. YSoft SafeQ offers two types of scan workflow modules: Core Workflows and Advanced Workflows.

Learn more about YSoft SafeQ Core Workflows module and Advanced Workflows module

Core Workflows

With Core Workflows, documents are scanned with basic processing and formatting and delivered to several types of destinations. These workflows include scan to email, scan to folder, where the document is scanned to a folder on the organization’s network and scan to script for customized destinations.
For maximum productivity, Core Workflows supports barcode recognition and can be configured by the administrator for automated document workflow where the scanned document is automatically sent to a 3rd party document management system.
Core Workflows support document delivery to a growing library of connectors to 3rd party systems, many of which are complementary.
Core Workflows is available as a module in the YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite and the YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Suite.

Advanced Workflows

When more sophisticated document processing and formatting is required, Advanced Workflows meets the challenge. With Advanced Workflows, robust document processing includes OCR (optical character recognition).
With OCR, image pre-processing and searchable text in PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats are supported. Advanced formatting features include security-related options and options to optimize PDFs for output manipulation, viewing and storing.
Advanced Workflows add robust processing and OCR to Core Workflows in the YSoft SafeQ Workflow Suite and the YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Suite. The Core Workflows module is a prerequisite for the Advanced Workflows module.