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Y Soft Solutions for Education

Y Soft Solutions for Education

The only printing solution for schools across 2D and 3D printing.
Educational institutions require unique printing solutions for schools whether they are large multi-campus universities or small, private or specialized schools. With scarce funds, you need to be sure that your print environment is efficient and that costs are tracked, allocated, and for some schools, paid directly by students.
As 3D printers are making their way onto school networks, school administrators need to manage these new resources similar to 2D (paper) printers. Y Soft is the only print management provider that has comprehensive print management and accounting for 2D and 3D printing in education.

Control Costs and Manage Access

YSoft SafeQ provides robust features to help administrators centrally control and manage printer access and usage with accurate reports for analysis.
  • Track and account for all prints, copies and scans. Receive reports for analysis and audits. Identify abuse and change print usage behavior.
  • Allocate charges by classroom, campus or another pre-defined criteria using project/billing codes.
  • Ensure that print jobs are printed on the most efficient device (black and white jobs on devices with inexpensive paper vs color prints on devices with more expensive paper).
  • Protect your networked devices from Internet hacked access.
  • Managing authentication includes providing secure access for mobile devices. The Mobile Print module supports printing from laptops, smartphones and tablets without needing printer drivers or IT assistance (2D printers only).

Pay-for-Print Services & Quotas

Whether your organization recovers costs through tuitions, lab fees or charges students on a pay-to-print basis, you need to know the true cost of print services to ensure that the costs are recovered accurately. For institutions that wish to offer pay-to-print services, Y Soft solutions include an accounting payment system and payment kiosk where students can obtain and pay for services on a self-serve basis.
  • Comprehensive accounting system with easy administration and self-serve options.
  • Self-serve kiosk for payment using paper or coin currency.
  • Payment gateways including PayPal or credit card.
  • Customized integration with existing, 3rd party payment systems.
  • Set up faculty or user quotas; supports Managed Print Services (MPS) with device output quotas that match the MPS contract (for 2D printers).
Learn more about Pay-for-Print services and quotas in the YSoft SafeQ Credit and Billing module

Guest Printing for Visiting Faculty

Often universities and large campuses host visiting faculty and guest lecturers who need access to print documents. Usually this requires staff to assist or IT intervention to accommodate these requests. With the Mobile Print module, guest printing is easily handled without additional print drivers and accounted for in the overall print cost analysis. (Not available for 3D printers).

3D Printing – Unique Challenges, Unique Solutions

Recognized as a unique learning tool, 3D printers enhance the learning experience by engaging and motivating students to create 3D objects.

Our workflow solution platform, YSoft SafeQ, is used by educational institutions around the world for 2D printers and now is integrated into Y Soft’s 3D printer, YSoft be3D eDee.

While print management integration with a 3D printer solves all of the needs mentioned above, 3D printers present a few unique additional challenges:
Security of the 3D object – Unlike paper, which can be easily and quickly reprinted, a 3D object can take hours to print and uses more expensive material. Protecting the 3D object from other students becomes a concern.
Solution: Access to 3D printers is controlled by the student’s existing ID card or alternatively by entering user credentials – typically username/password or PIN. The doors to the print chamber and the filament spool lock when the print job begins and only unlocks when the user (or administrator in the case of the filament door) authenticates.
Job Estimates – The time it takes to print a 3D object and the consumables (filament) used will vary depending on the size and complexity of the 3D file.
Solution: When the 3D file is submitted to print, the student receives an estimate of the time and consumables (filament material) needed to complete the job. If the student accepts this estimate the job is sent to the printer for further action.
3D printer availability/status – As print jobs may take hours, a finished 3D object sitting in the printer means the printer is not available to others.
Solution: Status notifications can be sent when the print job is nearing completion. In this way, institutions may set up additional fees charged to the student if the job is not picked up in a pre-determined amount of time. eDee’s remote camera provides snapshots of print progress.
Case studies
University of West Bohemia
University of West Bohemia
Case Study
Learn how an industrial design student at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic envisioned designing an electric motorbike that could be a practical transportation solution for people commuting between cities. Download the case study how 3D printing transforms student ideas into reality.
St. Columba’s Catholic Boys’ School
St. Columba’s Catholic Boys’ School
Case Study
The YSoft SafeQ solution enabled St. Columba’s School to replace all of the schools costly and inefficient desktop printers with KM networked multifunctional printers. It is now easier and more convenient for staff and students to print copy and scan – whilst significantly reducing the school’s overall printing costs. Download the case study - reducing the school’s overall printing costs.
Prosek School
Prosek School
Case Study
Read about the perfect way to use 3D printers in schools. Technical School Prosek is a great example.