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Have a question about YSoft OMNI Series? Start here to find answers to the most common questions. 

YSoft OMNI Bridge

What is OMNI Bridge? 
OMNI Bridge is a serverless device that requires no IT maintenance. It is easily installed and connects to your business’ Microsoft 365 account. When staff submit a print job, Microsoft 365 processes it and OMNI Bridge with the OMNI UP365 App pulls it from the cloud and routes it to the printer. When you install OMNI Bridge, you use your M365 account to connect printers to it and use OMNI Apps.

How many OMNI Bridge devices do I need? 
It depends on how many printers and how many locations you have and whether you need high availability. Use our Ordering Tips for examples to aid in determining what is right for your business. 
What is high availability? 
High Availability addresses two scenarios: Load balancing and failover. Both scenarios can cause either a delay in printing or a failure to print. When printing is a critical business process, either scenario is unacceptable. 
Load balancing is needed when there are periods of high volumes of print. Print traffic can be delayed when only one device is used to pull print jobs from the cloud. With two or more OMNI Bridges grouped together, OMNI Bridge with the OMNI UP365 App can route print jobs to available OMNI Bridges so print jobs are spread out and printed without delay. 
Failover can occur if for some reason (power outage or technical failure) the device pulling print jobs from the cloud cannot function. When two or more OMNI Bridges with the OMNI UP365 Apps are grouped together, when a failure occurs on one OMNI Bridge, the other OMNI Bridge will automatically pick up the print jobs ensuring that printing can proceed without delay.  
Learn more about how OMNI Series achieves high availability here. 
What are the system requirements for using OMNI Series? 
You should have the following: 
  • An eligible Microsoft 365 subscription. You can find which M365 subscriptions have the Universal Print featurehere. 
  • Internet connection with port 443 open 
  • Ethernet connection and a power source (power cord is provided with your order) 

Does it connect directly with a printer using ethernet wire?
While OMNI Bridge does use an ethernet cable to connect to your local area network (LAN), it does not have to be connected directly to the printer. OMNI Series simply needs to be connected to the same LAN as the printer and have access to the internet in order to reach the Universal Print cloud from Microsoft.
Does OMNI Series support my printer? 
Yes, all PDF-capable and IPP-enabled printers can use OMNI Series. The beauty of OMNI Series is that you don’t need a Universal Print-enabled printer. PDF-enabled means that it can print PDF files natively and IPP compatibility means that it must support the Internet Printing Protocol, an industry standard (and be enabled). Your printer’s user guide or an internet search for your printer’s brand and model should help determine if your printer is IPP compatible. 
What will I receive when I purchase OMNI Series? 
The OMNI Bridge will be shipped to the address you indicated during your purchase. It will include the device, an appropriate regional power cord, and a Get Started Card, which points you to the online Set Up Guide. The UP365 Apps in the OMNI Series bundles are automatically activated.

You may need to activate any purchased OMNI UP365 App Pack subscriptions through 
YSoft OMNI Centralthe web portal you use to connect your printers to the OMNI Series service. You may need the assistance of your M365 account administrator for initial setup (e.g., enabling the Universal Print feature within your organization’s M365 subscription). 
Where can I go if I am having difficulty using OMNI Bridge? 
OMNI Central offers documentation, support features, and other useful information. Additionally, you can contact an OMNI support representative through OMNI Central who can verify your OMNI Bridge serial number and help with any support issues. 
Can I purchase OMNI Bridge without purchasing OMNI Apps? 
OMNI Bridge and OMNI Apps are part of the OMNI Series service. One does not work without the other. That is why OMNI Series is offered as a bundle. You can choose the bundle pack that you need based on the number of printers you have in each location. View our Ordering Tips for more information. 
How many printers can I connect to one OMNI Bridge? 
Twenty-five. If you have more than twenty-five printers on one Local Area Network (LAN), then an additional OMNI Bridge is needed. 

YSoft OMNI UP365 App

Does this include a Universal Print license?
No, Universal Print is a feature of various M365 subscriptions from Microsoft, and as such, must be purchased / acquired separately from OMNI Series.

Can I purchase additional OMNI UP365 subscriptions later? 
Yes. Once you have OMNI Series, if you acquire additional printers, you will need an OMNI UP365 App subscription for each new printer. Depending on the type of OMNI Series bundle pack you purchased, you may have capacity to add more printers already. For example, if you purchased the OMNI Series 25-pack bundle and only used 20 UP365 App subscriptions, you still have room for 5 more printers. If you do not have available subscriptions for your new printers, you can purchase individual OMNI UP365 subscriptions keeping in mind the 25 printers limit per OMNI Bridge. 
When does my OMNI App subscription start? How do I activate them?
Your OMNI App subscription -- when purchased as part of an OMNI Bundle -- is available to you as soon as your OMNI Bridge device arrives. Any addition OMNI Apps purchased separately need to be activated. Active your OMNI App subscriptions at OMNI Central. 
How do I renew my OMNI App subscriptions? 
We will notify you prior to your expiry date with detailon how to renew your OMNI App subscriptions through OMNI Central and via email. Like your initial purchase, payment for subscription renewals will be processed through our eShop. 
How can I see the OMNI App subscriptions that I have and when they need to be renewed? 
Log into OMNI Central. Your OMNI App management tools can be found there. 

Where can I go if I am having difficulty using an OMNI App? 
OMNI Central provides support features, documentation, and other useful information. Additionally, you can contact an OMNI support representative who can verify your subscription and help with any support issues. 

YSoft OMNI Series – General and Purchasing

Where can I find information about your warranty, refund policy and general terms of service? 
The warranty on OMNI Bridge is in effect for however long your software subscriptions are valid. Details about the warranty, our refund policy and other details can be found in the YSoft OMNI Series Terms of Service. During purchase, you will have the opportunity to read these Terms of Service and will be prompted to indicate that you have read and accepted them. 

I am having difficulty paying for an order on your eShop.  
Y Soft uses 2Checkout (a Verifone company) to securely process your payment. If you are having difficulty, 2Checkout support can assist. 24 hour, 7-day a week. Support can be assessed on the 2Checkout website. 

In which countries is OMNI Series available? 
Currently, OMNI Series is available in the U.S. We will be making it available in additional countries soon. To be notified, please sign up for news here. To purchase YSoft OMNI Series, visit the YSoft Store. 

What are the payment methods you accept? 
For the U.S market, Y Soft has authorized 2Checkout to accept credit and debit cards. If paying by credit or debit card, the order is processed immediately, and Y Soft receives your order for fulfillment. 

Why am I being charged U.S. sales tax? 
YSoft OMNI Series is a taxable service. Where Y Soft is required to charge tax, tax is collected based on the sales tax rate of the state zip code in which the service is being delivered (shipping address). In some states, shipping fees are also taxable.

Why do I see 2CO on my credit card statement? 
2CO (which stands for 2Checkout, a Verifone company) is an authorized payment processor company for Y Soft.