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YSoft Proactive Care

YSoft Proactive Care

Ongoing support and monitoring to ensure the continuous health of your YSoft SafeQ Worfklow Solutions Platform implementation.

Customer Operational Excellence Review

With a Customer Operational Excellence Review dashboard, Y Soft and our certified partner can monitor the service and support performance we provide during and after implementation. We don’t walk away after YSoft SafeQ is deployed. We provide ongoing health checks to ensure your system is operating optimally and within desired performance ranges. Your success is our success and Proactive Care is one way we can demonstrate how seriously we take it.

Proactive Care Agent

The Proactive Care Agent, an optional Windows-based client, can provide additional dashboard information about your print infrastructure that helps Y Soft and our certified partner to refine and pre-empt issues before they appear as problems at your site. We act as your maintenance and support staff leaving your IT staff available for other IT-related projects.

What we Monitor

Depending on the support level chosen, the Proactive Care Agent can monitor that disk, memory and CPU usage levels are in range. The Proactive Care Agent also measures the downtime of selected YSoft SafeQ components, provides error messages analysis and average print job size analysis. Additionally, alerts can be configured to notify Y Soft, our partner and your IT staff if the Agent detects an abnormality.

How We Offer Proactive Care

Proactive Care is provided as a deliverable under any of our Premium Support Level Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, Proactive Care is part of the YSoft Global Operational Excellence (GOE) Framework™.
Learn more about Proactive Care in our GOE Framework datasheet
Global Operational Excellence Framework™
Global Operational Excellence Framework™
The GOE Framework is used by Y Soft and/or Y Soft certified partners to completely understand your requirements and success factors. With this formal process in place, you are assured of expert project management, a smooth deployment and achieving your project goals and ROI.