Say hello to quick, simple, effective project management
15 janvier 2018   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Martin de Martini
Y Soft co-founder and CIO
Effective cost and time saving enterprise workflow solutions are being sought out by organizations as they look to increasingly streamline and develop their businesses. The selection and deployment of new technology is a costly and time-consuming challenge and execution can easily miss the mark, failing to meet expectations.
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Certified for Citrix
12 janvier 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Martin Kazík
Solution Architect, Customer Support and Services
For organizations who choose to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop are often used. A virtual desktop can provide a less expensive alternative to laptops and workstations, added security and makes it easier for IT to maintain and manage the applications and operating systems across the entire organization from one central location.  
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Scan & Forget: Untangling the scanning process
9 janvier 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Antonin Masojidek
Product Marketing Manager
The process of scanning and storing documents can be a long and complicated one, with extensive input required from the multifunctional device (MFD) user. This does not have to be the case, there is a better way.
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Part 12: 3D printing - Our top 3 tips for Education
8 décembre 2017   YSoft be3D
Václav Duda
Senior Product Marketing Manager
In this blog series, many topics were introduced as considerations for bringing 3D printing into the classroom. All the topics are important and each school has their own priorities. However, as this 12-part series draws to a close, here we summarize and combine the topics as top tips and provide links to where you can read more.
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Reflecting on 2017 – Growth and highlights
5 décembre 2017   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Lukáš Maňásek
Chief Sales Officer
Today we shared information about our growth over the last fiscal year and reflected on the year’s highlights.
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Y Soft Inside…Your Android Mobile Device
29 novembre 2017   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Tomáš Líška
Junior Embedded Systems Developer
It’s pretty cool when a company, known for its enterprise software, can now say that its software is used by consumers too. That is what is happening now with YSoft SafeQ. What?  
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Part 11: Expanding your 3D print environment
20 novembre 2017   YSoft be3D
Václav Duda
Senior Product Marketing Manager
When introducing 3D printing, many schools and universities introduce just one or two printers, largely driven by budget restrictions. Phasing the introduction of 3D printing is a good approach as it allows you to monitor how students and faculty staff interact with the new technology, to test it and plan your expansion accordingly. However, soon enough more printers are needed as the student and faculty usage requires it. Here are five considerations when developing your 3D printing expansion plan.
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Tameside Metropolitan Borough
Tameside Metropolitan Borough
Hear why this UK municipality switched to YSoft SafeQ!