Updates to security processes and product security
4 septembre 2018   Y Soft Corporation
Andrij Stecko
Research Coordinator
In our next YSoft SafeQ 6 Maintenance Update scheduled for September, two security vulnerabilities will be fixed for Terminal Server related to Terminal Professional 3 / Terminal Ultralight when used with YSoft SafeQ 6.
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Teaching the Future: Why 3D learning needs to begin in Education
1 août 2018   YSoft be3D
Petr Šťastný
Senior Product Manager
The use of 3D printing to support teaching in education is already well recognized, but it is easy to overlook the necessity of teaching the next generation how to use this key technology now.  
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2025 and beyond PART 5: As-a-Service Model
23 juillet 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Tomáš Vašíček
Vice President, Sales Operations and Support
In this fifth part of our series reviewing the Quocirca Global Print 2025 research, we look at the as-a-service model and why 35% of respondents considered this to be an area of focus and change for the future of the print industry.  
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Is your MFD a security blind spot?
20 juillet 2018   YSoft SafeQ
As many as 31 billion devices worldwide will exist by 2020[1] and many of these will exist on an organization’s network. This includes multifunctional devices (MFDs) which, through connectivity and network access, form part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, MFDs and the print services they provide, can process sensitive and private data. Securing MFDs has never been more important for organizations.   [1]Statista
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2025 and beyond PART 4: Paper-to-digital workflow
12 juillet 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Antonin Masojidek
Product Marketing Manager
In this fourth part of our series reviewing the Print 2025 research carried out by Quocirca, we look at paper-to-digital workflows. We examine why 40% of respondents feel that paper-to-digital workflows is a key focus area, presenting a significant opportunity for the print industry.  
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2025 and beyond PART 3: Security
9 juillet 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Andrij Stecko
Research Coordinator
In this third part of our series reviewing the Quocirca Global Print 2025 research, we look at security that, according to the research results, has become a top priority for organizations, and how YSoft SafeQ support organizations to address their security concerns.  
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Embracing digital transformation – Real-life examples
20 juin 2018   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Digital transformation is a hot topic and in recent months we have discussed the opportunities it offers organizations. In this article, we look at four of our customers from different industries and how they have successfully embraced digital transformation across their print, copy  and scan environments, improving efficiency, security and productivity as well as reducing costs.      
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Tameside Metropolitan Borough
Tameside Metropolitan Borough
Hear why this UK municipality switched to YSoft SafeQ!