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Featured article
We’ve got you covered – literally!
3 avril 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Mark Schneider
National Sales Manager
If print services are a critical function in your company, we have you covered. Y Soft has been providing print management and document capture services to global Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes for over 20 years.
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YSoft Labs is Reinventing the Enterprise Office
2 juillet 2019   Y Soft Corporation
Karel Fuksa
Managing Partner, YSoft Labs
Bringing Digital Innovation to the Gig Economy
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Scandal 2019 – Our Shamanic Journey of Enlightenment
27 juin 2019   Y Soft Corporation
Ondřej Pospíšil
Marketing Communications Manager
Each year, YSofters gather in three regions to celebrate the past year and to plan for the upcoming year. It seemed only fitting that the theme of this year’s event was a Shamanic Journey of Enlightenment – representing our own transformation into a multiple product company and the plans we have that will transform us even further.
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