The Office Print Industry at an Inflection Point
3 décembre 2019   Y Soft Corporation
Matej Štefaník
Vice President of Product Management
Y Soft offers a free excerpt of Quocirca's Global Print 2025 second edition report. 
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Introducing YSoft be3D Academy
14 novembre 2019   YSoft be3D
Elke Heiss
Head of Global Marketing
Using 3D printers in the classroom greatly increases student engagement and adds an exciting new element to your teaching toolkit. However, the reality of time constraints, hectic schedules, paperwork and parent meetings means finding the time to develop lessons that use 3D printing to convey a complex subject is challenging. You’ve told us this and we took it to heart. 
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Y Soft Firsts
7 novembre 2019   Y Soft Corporation
Wouter Koelewijn
Senior Vice President, General Manager of Y Soft Scanning Division
Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”. If that is the case, call us extremely flattered.  
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How to improve new hire retainment? Preboarding will help
31 octobre 2019   Y Soft Corporation, Clerbo
Karel Fuksa
Managing Partner, YSoft Clerbo
Preboarding is an important yet often underestimated period for each new hire. Preboarding starts as soon as you confirm the hire and ends with their first day at work. HR departments at modern organizations take advantage of this period to build a solid foundation for long term fulfilment and work commitment and eliminate new hire turnover.  
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Stuck in lesson planning or STEAMING ahead?
28 octobre 2019   YSoft be3D
Petr Šťastný
Senior Product Manager
There is no shortage of positive stories of how 3D printing aids in education, but something is missing from most stories: you, the teacher.  
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Central Repro Departments now supported
24 octobre 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Matej Štefaník
Vice President of Product Management
Many organizations have in-house reprographic print rooms to handle large volume printing. Known as Central Reproduction Departments (CRD), a lot of print activity goes through the large-volume printers in these CRDs. Now YSoft SAFEQ can account for and report on this CRD print activity through an integration with ATI’s job ticketing and print room management solution. 
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21 octobre 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
Some documents need to be printed. Quickly. That’s a business given and will be for the foreseeable future.  Print management is a significant subset part of the information management that’s essential to every organization, of any size. And, ongoing digital transformation efforts are only increasing its importance. To protect and grow productivity of their employees, companies need control of document content flow and insight into print system utilization and performance.
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YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta
YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

SMB can now lose the IT hassle of supporting print services.