AirPrint: Clearing Cached Credentials in iOS

How to: Easily Clear Cached AirPrint Credentials in iOS

iOS is operated as a single-user OS. When using AirPrint, it is possible to specify a username/password combination for authenticated printing. But CUPS (the underlying printing service on iOS) caches the username/password combo once this has been entered and never again shows a prompt except when the whole network setup or the device itself is reset.


In an environment with BYOD (bring your own device) or where iPads are shared, like in university environments, it is necessary to be able to change the user for printing. However, only if the CUPS user cache is emptied will the user be prompted with a login request.


To circumvent this limitation, EveryonePrint implemented the "strict mobile device authentication" feature, which, when turned "ON," enables a re-authentication (iOS/CUPS is forced to show another username dialog).

To clear cached credentials from Airprint iOS in Everyoneprint, you can either:

  1. Change the logged-in user password, which will trigger a new authentication.
  2. Use the "strict mobile device authentication" (available since EveryonePrint version 3.6)
    Selection_547 (1)
  3. NEW:  With some versions of iOS it is possible to force logout from the AirPrint printer selection dialog as below:
    1. If AirPrint printers that require a password show a locker. Tap the (i) button.
      AirPrint-password_01 (1)
    2. Tap "Forget Username and Password," the button turns grey for a second and returns to white.
      AirPrint-password_02 (1)
    3. Back to the printer list display; tap the printer, and you will be prompted to enter the new credentials.
      AirPrint-password_03 (1)