AirPrint: The Printer Is Off-line

How to Fix Offline AirPrint Printer Issues with EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway

EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway has been installed to enable iOS devices to use the built-in AirPrint functionality.


When using AirPrint, the user selects a printer and presse "print"; after an elapsed period, an error message is displayed on the iOS device: "The printer is offline."


This error is a sign that there is a communication error in the print flow between the iOS device and EveryonePrint gateway on TCP port 7910.


Check that the firewall and routers are not blocking communication on TCP port 7910 between the iOS device and the EveryonePrint gateway.

Verify that communication from the iOS device to the Mobile Gateway is possible through TCP port 7910:

  1. From the Apple App Store, install the "iNetTools Free" app.
  2. Choose Port Scan in the App.
  3. Enter the destination DNS/hostname/IP address of the server hosting the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway, along with the port to test, e.g., port 7910 for native AirPrint.
  4. Choose Start to start the port scan.
  5. The result will appear, and if it says "Open," the port is accessible.