Bulk Create QR Codes

How to Bulk Generate Printer QR Codes with EveryonePrint Server


Bulk creates QR codes of printers listed on the EveryonePrint server.

2 methods are exposed, using any spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc etc.) or Google Sheets with a specific add-on (fewer manual steps).


Retrieve printer list with API

  1. Download the Curl sample script from our Dropbox.
  2. Use option 6 of the Curl sample script to retrieve the printer list (in JSON format) in a text file (edit the script with valid IP address and API Token).

Convert JSON to CSV

  1. Open the JSON to CSV converter at https://konklone.io/json/

    Webpage Displaying JSON to CSV Conversion for Printer Data
  2. Paste content of the printers-list.txt file.
  3. Now you can download the resulting table as a CSV.

Generate QR Codes: 1st Method

Open the CSV in a spreadsheet and perform the following editing:

    1. Remove unused columns B,C and E.

      Excel Spreadsheet Highlighting Printer Data with ID and Paths
    2. Insert 2 empty columns B and D; Use the 'concatenate' function to fill the 2 new columns B and D with the desired text values: 
      • Column B - Printer URL: =CONCATENATE("eop://?pid=" ,A2)
      • Column D - Text :=CONCATENATE("QR Code for printer:" ,C2)

        Excel Formula for Generating Printer QR Code Links

    3. Expand the formula to each column.
    4. Save as a new CSV file, close current sheet.
    5. Open then newly created CSV and remove columns A and C; now you have a proper list with 2 columns and the desired text; save this file as qrcodes.csv .

      Spreadsheet Listing QR Code Links for Printers
    6. Open qrcodes.csv in a text editor and copy its content.
      Text Document Showing QR Code Data Strings for Various Printers
    7. Go to URL: https://qrexplore.com/generate/
      1. Paste the content, and select options "Treat as CSV" and "Add filename to image".

        QR Code Generator Web Interface Prepared for Bulk Printer Code Creation
      2. Click [Generate Codes] and download the resulting ZIP file containing images of the desired QR Codes.

        Generated QR Codes for Printers Ready for Download

Generate QR codes: Google Sheets Method

  1. Install QR Code generator add-on for Google Sheets
  2. Open CSV file in Google Sheets and do the following editing:
    1. Create 2 blank columns between Printer ID and Printer name.
    2. As with previous method, create the needed "Concatenate" functions and values.
    3. Select the content in the 2 columns with the resulting URL and Text.
    4. Open menu 'Add-ons' -> 'QR Code Generator' -> 'Open'.
    5. Check options: 'Save as Document' and/or 'Save as PNG' and 'Use Second Column'.
    6. Click 'Generate' button.
      QR Code Generation for Printers Spreadsheet Interface
    7. When finished click either:
      1. 'Open Document' to retrieve a printable document containing all QR codes.
        Generated Printer QR Codes Document
      2. 'Open Folder' to retrieve individual PNG files for each desired QR codes in Google Drive.
        Printer-Specific QR Codes List on Google Drive