Email Print: Max Message Size

Unlocking the Power of Email Print: Understanding Maximum Message Size

By default Email Print accepts incoming message and attachments with a size limit of 20 MB.

If you like to change this value, here what to do:

  1. Stop EveryonePrint Web service
  2. Open EveryonePrint program folder (default : %ProgramFiles(x86)%\EveryonePrint )
  3. Make a backup copy of 'eop.xml' file
  4. Edit 'eop.xml' file in a text editor like notepad or similar
  5. Locate this tag and change the value :<maxmessagesize>20000000</maxmessagesize>
  6. Save eop.xml
  7. Restart EveryonePrint Web Service

It may not cause trouble, but adding workload on the server to process heavy emails; you can monitor performance and adjust accordingly.