Installation and Requirements

How to Install EveryonePrint: Server Recommendations for Optimal Performance

Can the EveryonePrint Server Be on its Own Server, or Should It Be Installed on the Print Server?

Choosing the Right Setup for EveryonePrint Installation

When deciding where to install EveryonePrint, you have the flexibility to choose based on your preferences and requirements.

  • Distribute tasks across multiple servers
  • Consolidate print-related tasks on one server

Ensure Adequate Resources for EveryonePrint Efficiency

It is important to note that EveryonePrint can be a resource-demanding application due to its involvement in various tasks typically carried out by multiple workstations. 

  • Handles conversion of documents to printable formats
  • Requires servers with adequate CPU and memory for print volume

Balancing Server Load and Performance with EveryonePrint

Whether you choose to separate tasks on different servers or consolidate them onto a single print server, it is vital to ensure that the server running EveryonePrint is capable of meeting the resource demands and providing efficient printing services to the users.

How Do I Install EveryonePrint?

Install the EveryonePrint Server on any Windows server in your network, and users will be able to print via the EveryonePrint interfaces to the printers you've made available. A typical basic installation of EveryonePrint only takes 10-20 minutes.