Welcome Email: Hide Username Line

Guest Printing Made Easy: Control Email Username Visibility with eop.xml

Note: Applies to EveryonePrint versions 4.1 and higher.


In some Guest printing integration scenario, it is not necessary that the Welcome Email sent to the user contains the 'Username' information.
The ability to show/hide this username field in the email is controlled by a new Tag in config file eop.xml


    1. Stop EveryonePrint Web service.
    2. Make a backup copy of config file: <EOP-install-dir>\eop.xml.
    3. Edit eop.xml with any text editor (as administrator).
    4. Anywhere after <settings> add the following tag:
    5. Chose the tag value:
      • true = show username
      • false = hide username
    6. Restart EveryonePrint Web service.
    7. New Welcome email  now hiding the Username line.