At Y Soft, we believe in the power of teams. We also work hard and play hard. Find out about the company, our open positions and what you can expect when you join one of our teams.

Open positions

Employee Benefits

Financial Benefits
Financial Benefits
  • Competitive salary
  • Quarterly bonus based on individual and company performance
  • Vacation, standard public holidays (free days) and sick days
  • Employee stock allocation program
Health and Well-Being Benefits
Health and Well-Being Benefits
  • Medical, dental, vision and disability insurance in regions where not already provided
  • Healthy office snacks and beverages
  • Ergonomic desks and chairs
  • Modern offices
Other, additional benefits (varies by region)
Other, additional benefits (varies by region)
  • Family Club and pre-school care contributions
  • On-site recreation, showers and locker facilities
  • On-site relaxation rooms
  • Employee financial assistance
  • Meal vouchers
  • Dog friendly offices
  • Participate in your local community to help drive change for the common good with a company funded donation to a charity of choice
Recognition Opportunities and other Perks
Recognition Opportunities and other Perks
  • Company-wide team building events
  • Company-wide employee recognition initiatives and awards
  • State of the art technology and tools
  • Access to company car for business-related trips (Czech Republic)
  • Regional company support for employee pro-bono events/activities
  • Company–wide professional development support for language courses, attendance at events/seminars/conferences

Meet YSofters

Event Coordinator
"I joined Y Soft in April, 2016 as an Office Assistant. I quickly realized that this is the kind of work you do, not because you have to, but because you enjoy it.  

Just one year later, I applied for an Event Coordinator position. I succeeded and moved into the marketing department where I take care of corporate events held around the world.

I like the people I work with. I enjoy the freedom of organizing my own work, and I have gradually collected a variety of valuable skills that has enhanced my career further."
Junior Embedded System Developer
"I wrote my Bachelor and Master theses while working part-time at Y Soft. I was very motivated by Y Soft's constant interest in pushing my work further and received a lot of useful feedback from them. At the same time, I was given enough freedom and time to choose the direction I wanted to take.

Today, I work on projects for mobile devices and servers.  The team of people I work with are the main reason I enjoy Y Soft."
Engineering Tech Lead
"Since joining Y Soft part-time in 2014, I have advanced from a Junior Embedded Systems Developer to an Engineering Tech Lead and am now responsible for the Engineering Team's work. During these three years, I've touched on everything – from hardware to websites and applications.

I have learned more in one year at Y Soft than in three years at university.

My work is varied allowing me to learn many types of technologies and to integrate industry innovations into my everyday work."
Solution Consultant
"After I finished my studies at Masaryk University, I stayed at the University as a YSoft SafeQ admin. When I started looking for a new job, Y Soft was my first choice. I joined the Customer Support Services department as a Technical Consultant in May, 2012.

Within two years, I became a senior technical consultant and have been working as a solution consultant for the last two years. 

With my career advancement, I am able to get new, more interesting and complex tasks by working with some of our larger customers. I am delighted that the company trusts me and appreciates the work I'm doing."
Junior Technical Product Manager
"My first contact with Y Soft was during my second year of university through a competition for talented students. After working on my Bachelor thesis with Y Soft’s assistance, I accepted their part-time job offer and worked with the development team to grow my knowledge of complex distributed systems. Now I'm a full-time junior researcher.
Because of the various projects I have worked on, I have learned about the entire product. This has given me exposure to the product management teams. I now participate in the most important projects related to our products."
R&D Manager
"I joined Y Soft’s R&D department as a QA Engineer. I have an interest in how people work together so after one year, I managed a group of student interns and took an interest in their career development. The following year, I managed a Quality Control Coordinator and then became a Test Lead two years later leading a group of QA Engineers. Soon after, we developed a robotic hand that has grown into a robotics team that I have been leading since its inception.
Currently, I am an R&D Manager and, in addition to the robotics team, I also take care of the R&D infrastructure. My career advancement was fueled by my will to always do something extra, to work on myself and to keep a professional attitude at all times."


Great People – Great Teams

Great People – Great Teams

No matter which department you are in, you are supported with a team of colleagues who are as invested in your success as they are their own. With this attitude, we make the right decisions and closely collaborate on solving the challenges we have.
Global Environment

Global Environment

We make sure you have the right tools, technologies and working environment to make your work day enjoyable and productive. As a global company, you have a great opportunity to speak with colleagues around the world, learn about new cultures and gain insight into other departments. You can see how your work impacts the entire organization.
Open Communication

Open Communication

We believe that results are best achieved when everyone is headed in the same direction. That is why we share information often and broadly. You will have an opportunity to interact with all levels of the organization. At Y Soft, all executives, department heads and team leaders are available to chat and welcome new ideas.
Social Activities

Social Activities

Each region has a set of activities meant for relaxation and fun – time to have a coffee, chat about non-work related topics, go skiing or mountain climbing. We celebrate our company’s birthday across all regions during an offsite event – we call it Scandal – where we take off for a few days to relax, get to know each other and learn about what is planned for the new fiscal year.

Our core values

Strive for quality work at all times. Deliver results that exceed expectations. 
Have the confidence to promote your ideas and gain consensus. Always be flexible and adapt to change quickly.
Motivate and challenge others to think outside the box to create new ideas and better solutions.
Have a “can-do” attitude and seek positive results. Learn from failure so you can succeed next time.
Deliver results and follow through on all of your promises. Match your behaviors to your words and take responsibility for your actions.
Be open to all ideas and welcome different points of view of others. Encourage and support collaboration across teams and organizations.