What's New with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud?

Jan 2024: We dig into the details of SAFEQ Cloud's latest enhancements with Rashid Maknin, Senior Product Manager at Y Soft, as your guide. Watch Recording
SAFEQ Cloud native cloud

the webinar

Are you wondering what's been going on with SAFEQ Cloud lately? As new versions get released every month, are you aware of what enhancements you can expect when you upgrade your platform next time? Together, let's dive into all the latest and greatest enhancements in your cloud print software.

Watch the recording of our first 2024 webinar and discover all the newest features, improvements, and fixes in SAFEQ Cloud.

Here's a preview of what we’ll cover:

  • What's new in the industry
  • Introduction to SAFEQ Cloud
  • Latest product versions
  • Wrap-up of 2023's releases